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Commercial Interim, Consultant and Coach

Fractional Leader (CEO, VP & Dir)

"I help companies grow more revenue from their prospects and customers"

Where can I help and what do I do?

1. Grow revenue from your Sales team
2. Retain more customers
3. Increase 'Upsell' revenue from your existing customers 

4. Deliver the above in tandem to drive more Enterprise Value


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Scale Up


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Retain more customers

You are a fast-growing business, but you struggle to identify customers with the highest growth potential. You manage your customers well, but your measurement of 'well' is often based on sentiment, not data. You wonder which customer is next to leave - you hope they'll stay, but you don't know they will. Growth and churn occur, but you want more control and influence over these metrics. I can work with you to...


Understand and segment your customer base to accurately calculate churn risk, using health scores, adoption & engagement metrics.  I can share how to digest your customers' objectives and in turn - what they really want from your product or service.  We can model your cost of retention and flag where the risk lies.

Map your ICP (ideal customer profile) within your customer base, understand lifetime value and profile those primed to grow with you.  A full customer lifecycle should be in place beyond a New Business funnel. Where can we develop true partnerships and where is there untapped opportunity?


Sell more to better aligned customers who are the right fit. What % of change is developed in-house rather than listening to customer feedback? Do you document customer needs to build into your roadmap?  We can develop a 'Voice of the Customer' programme to create something special -directly influenced by your customers' pain points/needs.




1. Do you know who your most valuable customer is and why? (Not the customer that spends the most - your most VALUABLE)

2. If so, who is your 7th, 13th or nth most valuable? Which metrics do you use to determine this?

3. Which customer has the most growth potential and where have you 'left the most money on the table'?

4. Which customers are the next to leave (churn) and why are they leaving? How far in advance are you accurately forecasting churn?

5. Which metrics do you have in place to measure the 'health score' of each customer?

6. How much net revenue have you forecasted your existing customer base to grow by in the next 12 months?

7. What is your retention cost and how do you know when to invest in, or reduce resources?

8. How do you determine the contact strategy for each of your customers and segments?


9. How do you drive adoption and usage of your product and know which elements of your product or service add the most value? 

10. How do you successfully onboard customers, drive advocacy and usage from day 1 and prevent a drop-off in adoption? 

If you confidently know the answer to all of these then you're flying. If you don't then feel free to get in touch.

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