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I love business. 


It's not a cheesy one-liner but more likely to come from my competitive nature and desire to build something exciting and impressive.  As those who know me will be aware, I have a strange passion for numbers and setting goals and targets that can be achieved again and again, and then ultimately broken over and over - that's the motivation.  Having that natural desire to achieve, along with the career experience I've had, means that I'm in a good position to help businesses implement, grow quickly and achieve ROI and results. I simply love the challenge and the feeling of achievement when creating more value in a business.


Curriculum Vitae

Why me!

  • Experienced Senior leader (CEO/Director/VP/Head of roles) with various sized organisations (Startup to FTSE/NASDAQ listed)

  • Been involved in both selling of businesses and the acquisition of others (up to $70m)

  • Valued many others based on different multiples (revenue/EBITDA), and factors, in different sectors, along with associated due diligence

  • Completed Institutional fundraising (PE and VC experience)

  • A clear understanding of how to add value, grow revenue and EBITDA in different business settings

  • Experienced in how to implement and deliver sustainable net revenue growth and improve long-term customer relationships

  • A clear focus on delivering results and ROI

  • Experience in directly managing businesses and departments  (up to 130 FTE)

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Areas of Expertise

  • Net Revenue Retention (NRR)

  • Churn Prevention

  • Sales, pipelines management, upsell and net revenue growth 

  • Adoption programmes and building customer lifecycles

  • Voice of the Customer, NPS and Customer Advocacy programmes

  • Full financial modelling to understand the cost of retention, long-term customer value, Customer Retention Cost, initial CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) and full P&L & balance sheet

  • Customer Journey including full Marketing programmes, events and driving case studies and advocacy from the customer base

  • CRM and Customer Success software implementation, including examples Salesforce, HubSpot, Gainsight, Churn Zero, JIRA, Intercom and Totango



  • Reduced churn from over 30% to less than 6% annually within £5m SaaS business

  • 10%+ reduction in churn in $40m ARR business within 6 months

  • Grew Net Revenue to  130%+ YoY over a 5-year period at a SaaS business

  • Grew additional upsell growth 5X over a 3-year period

  • Delivered a 100% retention rate for over 2 years within a FTSE100 organisation

  • Led and raised investment rounds at significant multiples of revenue

  • Helped lead and sell software business to trade sale

  • Spoke at events to 1000+ attendees

  • Raised investment in excess of 25x revenue multiple

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Away from the day-to-day and the passion at work, you'll most likely find me following some sort of sporting event. Football has always been my hobby of choice but I also love Golf, F1, Table Tennis, Darts and Skiing - if it's competitive, I'll enjoy it. My two daughters are at a great age and most weekends I'm either watching a Hockey or Netball match or spectating at a gymnastics event.

Away from sports, I'm a keen traveller with an active interest in Business and Technology. I believe heavily in enterprise and love seeing both start-ups and established companies doing well, especially when they have the right attitude and relationship with their customers. I've also recently entered the 'curious' world of Cryptocurrency (XRP and Ethereum fan club).   

Finally, this should all be a challenge. At times frustrating and difficult, but I believe in the power of positivity. Someone once told me to 'enjoy the journey' and it has stuck with me ever since. Work hard, play hard! 


If you fancy a discussion and a coffee to discuss how we can grow your business then please reach out!

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