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Do you already have the 'Superstar' in place to grow your business and team?

Business Team


More and more, companies are prioritising and investing in existing customer growth.  They're appointing fantastic, ambitious people into Senior Leadership roles to help deliver growth, often with a new 'Customer Success' or 'Chief Revenue' title. 


Unfortunately, it's often difficult to provide the right level of coaching, mentoring and leadership to these employees internally, mainly due to their seniority, lack of internal knowledge on Customer Growth and Retention, and the fact that CEOs come from a diverse range of backgrounds and skillsets.

Great people need continuous investment, so if you want to invest time in coaching and mentoring for your Customer Success or Commercial leader then get in touch.  Coaching programmes are designed around 1-2 days per month, but can be customised to your needs.



There are countless metrics and moving parts when scaling a Customer Success or revenue generating team. If you feel that your business is performing well, and you have a mix of data points, then you may wish to sense check that you have all angles covered and that your growth plans are heading in the right direction. 


After years of working with a number of growing Account Management, Sales and Customer Success Teams, and witnessing

recurring revenue growth from zero to tens of millions of £/$'s, I can help validate current plans whilst making tried and tested recommendations for improvement and most importantly, long-term success.

Where there are gaps, I can help implement the required changes in order to drive success.

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