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North East Customer Success

Welcome to the Home Page for the North East Customer Success Meet Up.  If you're interested in attending, or have an agenda point to add then please get in touch.  The aim of the North East Customer Success Meet Up is to:


Grow CS in the North East

The North East of England is booming! We want to ensure there is continued investment in the region and organisations with a Customer Success ethos are part of the norm.


Help our own business and our customers

We want to ensure we provide the best possible service to our customers, within SaaS, and other sectors.  By coming together and sharing ideas, we want better results for our customers and our businesses.


Develop our People

Customer Success is an amazing career choice. We want to ensure we grow as individuals while also creating opportunities for new people to choose Customer Success within the area.  The more we share and discuss, the better we'll become.

Next Meeting details:

Date: Coming soon - TBC

Venue: TBC

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With support from: Nigel Wright Recruitment Group & Gainsight

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