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You're successfully growing revenue and 'doing well', and maybe even profitable.  You know who your ideal target is, and you're acquiring new customers steadily. But:

  • Ideas for further product/service development often come internally rather than from external need, and you're unsure what to prioritise next

  • Some customers are churning, and although you have regular communication, you're unsure which customers will leave next. 

  • You have key metrics (CRC, LTV, ACV) but when looking to raise your next round of investment you know there are questions you cannot answer, = lower valuation. 

  • You have basic segmentation and health scoring but lack 'end-to-end' customer journeys. You know there is growth potential, but you don't know exactly how much, or where from.

Get in touch to fill the gaps and ensure the valuation of your business keeps growing.

Areas to focus on

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