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We can build and implement the perfect plan to grow your business and deliver ROI





This is typically the starting point.  An audit will take roughly 5 days and can help define more specific goals for the overall project. We'll review the financial model, existing customer revenue and growth plans and identify 'quick wins', areas of risk and potential for immediate customer growth. The output of this will typically form a '90 day action plan' - documented feedback on processes, systems and structure for the team to achieve success. Frameworks to drive the right strategy and increase customer adoption can also be established. As part of the audit, I will also look to spend time with various team members to make sure we've covered all angles.

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So how can we work together?

Given the scope of projects, consultancy is normally based on 1-2 days per week over a fixed term (normally 6-12 months).  Short term 'one-off' projects are also available subject to availability, similar to speaking spots at events and seminars.

Business Consultation


This is to strategically map, implement, understand and grow your existing customer revenue, whilst reducing churn. We'll document objectives and create an action plan to execute by understanding your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) from your existing customer base (not for new business which may be different). We'll base this on a combination of adoption, usage metrics and monetary values.  We can then build a relevant, targeted and personalised contact strategy, based on ROI, to understand the risk of churn and upsell potential. This will work alongside the full customer lifecycle to identify risk and opportunity. We'll also know how much cost and resources to invest in each segment to deliver the best results for both your customers and your business. Health scores will be mapped to help forecast accurately and we'll ultimately increase revenue, EBIT and your company valuation based on your original objectives, actions and measurement.  Consultancy, followed by the implementation is typically a number of days per week over a 6-12 month period.


In order to get going, sometimes you just need to know where to start. I can work with small groups or larger audiences to deliver a session, or series of sessions on any topic related to customer revenue and growth or other commercial aspects of business - to kick-start change. Most commonly, how to grow revenue from the existing base and understand the cost of retention, is a go-to topic. Managing churn and team structure for success is also high on the agenda.  All aspects of customer adoption, usage, feedback and advocacy can also be covered.

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